How do I buy photos? 

Through this website I offer you the option to purchase digital download of any photo. You may use the photo for personal or commercial use.

I offer two purchase options. The first is a small, low resolution 1MP photo suitable for social media or emailing to relatives. If you wish to self-print a larger photo then you should purchase the higher resolution large file photo. 

You can purchase a digital download from any gallery by clicking the “BUY” button on any individual photo or gallery of photos.  

If you are going to use the photo for personals use, sharing with family and friends, select the Personal License option.  If you are a business wishing to use the photo for editorial or commercial purposes then select the commercial license option.

If you need assistance then please contact me telling me the gallery name and photo numbers you would like to purchase. 

If you need different crops (especially for any editorial use), please drop me a note and I can edit to your requirements (tell me the gallery and photo number). You can buy one or more photos. If there is a bunch you like from a game/event, it may be more economical to download the entire album.


What file size should I buy and download? 

You can buy digital downloads in two different file sizes. 

SMALL - A 1Mpix image is fine for social media or emailing to Grandma. 

LARGE - An Original image is best for printing or for cropping.


How can I get prints of a photo? 

I do not sell prints directly from this site as the labs are all based in USA and shipping costs are prohibitive. If you live in the Kuala Lumpur area then I can arrange for prints for you. Prints are printed at a small local photo shop on high quality photo paper or canvas. Please contact me for details. 


I am the event organiser or a participating team. Can I use your prints for commercial or editorial use?

If you are a non-profit organisation or one of the entities involved in the event and you would like copies of the photos for promotional or editorial use, including commercial use then you may download any images you wish from this site for use by your organisation, including commercial or editorial use. However, I do request photo credit if published (you may also feel free to link to the galleries or photos). 


Are there more photos than what is shown here? 

Yes! I shoot a lot of photos at each game/event. If you are looking for more pictures of somebody, contact me. 


I see my picture here and I do not want it displayed. 

Just ask – send mail or comment, I do not want to display anyone’s image if it makes them uncomfortable, and I will remove it immediately. Please be sure to tell me the gallery and image number(s). 


Will you photograph my sporting event or concert if I ask? 

Yes, if local (within Kuala Lumpur area give or take a reasonable drive). I love a challenge and an excuse to get out and shoot, but I have a full time job, so it depends. If it is something interesting I may be able to. It never hurts to ask, but please do not take offense if I cannot make it. It must be a public event where a photographer is welcome. 


Will Photograph photograph my Wedding? 

I never do private events like weddings, parties, graduations, and the like – hire a professional. I do not do private portraits or products. In most cases I will not photograph minors unless in a very public event where it is clearly expected. 


Your images are awful; why are you putting them on a web site? 

So you will offer criticism, and we will learn – please tell me how to make them better. 


Your images are great; can you tell me how you made them? 

I leave all EXIF data in the image so you can look to see the camera settings, type of camera and lens. If you want to know more, leave a comment or send an email.