about richard

I'm a self taught Scottish photographer now living in rural Perthshire.  

I have previously spent many years doing youth sports photography and have only recently started to approach Nature and Landscape photography more seriously.

In doing so I've started to learn to really look into the landscape and appreciate the small details, the beauty of light and the moments that can reveal themselves in an instant and quickly disappear as quickly as they had appeared.  In beginning my landscape photography journey it is giving me a new found love for nature and the Scottish landscape and has unfortunately has made me realise the detrimental impact that social media photography is having on the natural world.  Therefore I am proud to state that I have become a member of Nature First, the Alliance for Responsible Photography.

Please follow me on my journey as I develop my passion for Scotland, nature, landscape and the outdoors and hopefully you may find some inspiration to pursue a similar passion.

I am home!!